This Cat Meme Is the Body-Positive Advice We've All Been Waiting For

In a culture so obsessed with body image and specific beauty norms, staying body positive can be a challenge.

That's where cats come in.

Just like this post, shared by an artist who goes by the name Veda Cosplay on Facebook, makes clear — take your cue from cats and you can't go wrong.

We're constantly being bombarded with images of "ideal" bodies that aren't even real — it's no wonder that it takes a toll on our ability to stay body positive.

Studies show that being surrounded by airbrushed images has a negative effect on the way women view themselves.

But if we let go of our societally imposed ideas of what people "should" look like and think of ourselves as say, cats instead, then it's that much easier to appreciate body diversity! 

Kittens come in all shapes and sizes and we agree they're all totally adorable — let's do the same for each other.