This Man Had No Chill at His Wife's Graduation Ceremony — And It's Going Viral

Proud loved ones and graduations go hand-in-hand, but one man's response to his wife's graduating takes the cake for most viral-worthy grad moment. On Friday, Twitter user @Tazyahx_'s video of her stepdad in the audience at her mother's graduation from school caught the internet's attention — because he had absolutely no chill about it. 

Immediately after her name is called, along with her degree (a master's in counseling with a mental health track), @Tazyahx_'s stepdad jumps out of his seat, yelling, "Oh, baby! I love you! I love you! I love you!" to a chorus of laughs from the audience. 

No word on how @Tazyahx_'s mom felt about the loving outburst, but to the rest of the internet it's far too sweet a moment to be embarrassing. Mic reached out for more information as to where @Tazyahx_'s mother received her degree from and will update if we hear back.

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