Mario Batali Has a Shockingly Simple Hangover Cure


Hangovers are the worst. It's a universal truth. So much so that South Korea has a nearly $126 million industry devoted to to curing them. 

According to chef and Croc enthusiast Mario Batali, there is no need to reach for fancy ice cream or weird pills that promise to alleviate the symptoms of a heavy night out. Instead, the chef turns to a simple two-step system that actually involves drinking more beer. 


Batali revealed to People that he deals with the repercussions of having a little too much to drink by exercising really hard and then chugging a beer. "Basically if you get up and you exercise hard for 45 minutes and then shoot a beer, it's gone," he said. "But you have to sweat out. Keep in mind, a hangover is the poison lying in dehydrated areas. You need to pump it out."

It might seem like Batali tore a page out of a protein shake-chugging, hard-partying frat bro's playbook, but there is some merit to his line of thinking. Certified personal trainer Matthew Kornblatt told Women's Health that exercising when hungover helps people "get rid of toxins" from a night of drinking. 

While prolific author and voracious drinker Ernest Hemingway recommended tomato juice and beer as a hangover cure, according to the Independent, the U.K.'s National Health Service said that drinking more alcohol (aka Hair of the Dog) is a "widespread hangover myth." 

The NHS added the best way to avoid a hangover is to just not drink at all. Seems like sound, albeit boring, advice.