Dumb and Gross Beer #BoobLuge Is About to Blow Up Your Social Media This Summer

If the thought of body shots makes you want to retch, prepare yourself for the newest dumb way to consume alcohol off someone else's bod: the boob luge. 

The "boob luge," according to Bro Bible, is when beer is poured onto someone's bare chest and then another person puts their mouth right in that person's cleavage, awaiting the stream of beer. (For those not in the know, "luge" is a sled holding one or two people who sled feet-first and face-up down an icy slope.)

The craze looks as witless as it sounds. 

If it seems titillating, here's a buzzkill: The action is straight up disgusting. Consider what happens when the beer mixes with an older sunscreen filled with poisonous ingredients. And what if the boobs being used to luge have some leftover crumbs from the boob-owner's lunch? What if someone who did the "boob luge" before you had traces of Zika virus in his or her saliva? 

Consent is sexy, but consenting to letting someone swallow a Natty Ice from beneath your bikini is basically objectifying yourself into oblivion. Cheers.