Bernie Sanders Fans on Reddit Lose It Over Hillary Clinton Clinching Democratic Nomination


Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination Monday night, after superdelegates helped her reach the magic 2,383 delegate number needed to become the party's presumptive nominee, according to the Associated Press.

But Reddit wasn't having any of it.

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Bernie Sanders supporters on Reddit, who have organized and raised funds through the /r/SandersForPresident subreddit, promptly unloaded their frustration in post after post seeking to both deny the news, as well as call out the media and others who said the hard-fought primary is over.


"After tonight, I will never associate with the DNC ever again," another read.

"They did it. They called it for Clinton. Guess what i have to say to that? SCREW THAT. Join me and donate $50 to Bernie to show superdelegates that this campaign is the only one with the grassroots, small donor support that can take on Trump WITHOUT a superPAC," one headline said. That thread garnered 1,651 comments at the time this article posted.

"EMERGENCY: AP CALLS THE NOMINATION FOR CLINTON. #ImDoneWithHer ' #BernTheMedia ' #ItsNotOver," another said in all caps.

The responses within ranged from outrage to denial to defiance among Sanders' most fervent supporters.


Many of them, like Sanders, said the race is not yet over and are crying foul that the media would report that Clinton clinched the nomination before voters in a handful of states have cast their ballots.


But some in the thread called out the Sanders faithful for their defiance.


Others tried to explain the process...


... and point out that declaring a candidate the presumptive nominee thanks to superdelegates is not out of the ordinary.


But in the end, some just wanted to watch the world burn.