Samantha Bee Explains Just How Hypocritical the GOP Is in Supporting Donald Trump


With the final primaries set to wrap up in California and New Jersey, Samantha Bee wanted to quickly recap how the Democratic and Republican parties got to where they are today with their respective candidates. The Full Frontal host had a succinct explanation for the Democrats. 

"We got here because black people are allowed to vote," she says. The rest of her segment focused on the GOP race, its presumptive nominee in Donald Trump and just how hypocritical members of the party have been with their recent support for the real estate mogul. Bee showed clip after clip of former nominees for the conservative party blasting Trump, only to later voice their unwavering support.  

Moreover, the media was similarly naive to the extent of Trump's presidential potential, as ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, quite literally, laughed off the suggestion made by Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison in 2015.

"The only way that can happen is if people like you give him $3 billion in free advertising," Bee quipped in response. 

As the late night host notes, the "last domino" to fall for Trump's full-fledged conservative backing was House Speaker Paul Ryan, who pledged his support for Trump on Thursday. This, despite previously stating Trump's travel ban is "not what this party stands for." 

"He's right," Bee concludes. "Trump isn't what Republicans stand for, he's what they bend over for." 

You can watch the full segment below: 

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