Norway Plans to Abolish Gas-Powered Cars By 2025, Becoming First Country to Do So


While the United States Congress is still working out whether climate change is real, leaders from Norway's four main political parties have reached a tentative agreement to end the country's dependency on gasoline-powered cars. 

According to Time, Norway is readying a bill that will effectively ban the sale of non-electric vehicles by 2025: meaning, so long to filling up at the pump. 

Pierre-Henry Deshayes/Getty Images

Instead, Norway will likely invest in making its roadways and parking lots electric-car compatible. The country already has the largest percentage of electric vehicles on the road at 24%, the energy blog Elektrek reported. 

Though the bill is still in the works, one idealist and entrepreneur is hailing the move toward electric cars as a giant step forward for humanity — though he, admittedly, has a stake in all of this. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk praised Norway on Twitter Friday, writing, "Just heard that Norway will ban new sales of fuel cars in 2025. What an amazingly awesome country. You guys rock!!" 

Musk's elated support for the bill is likely in part due to his Tesla Model S reportedly being the No. 1 selling car in Norway, among other things like environmental concerns and what not.

The nation's ability to reach consensus on what many scientists refer to as a crisis follows other climate-friendly news from the Scandinavian country. The Independent reported Saturday that Norway recently became the first country to commit to zero deforestation, setting a precedent for rainforest preservation and human rights programs for forest communities worldwide.

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