Bobby Brown Was "Excited and Terrified" That Time He Had Sex With a Ghost


Hypothetical: How would it feel to fall asleep, naked and sober, in a spacious circular bed of one's own, all comfy and cozy below an appropriately mirrored ceiling, only to wake up under a gyrating ghost woman? Exciting? Terrifying?

According to Bobby Brown, the answer to that question is both. He knows this because that's what happened to him one night in the '90s, an experience he details in his new tell-all, Every Little Step: My Story. According to an excerpt published in US Weekly, this is what the late Whitney Houston's ex-husband has to say about the "memorable night": 

"In my bedroom I had a big round bed with a mirrored ceiling looming above. I always slept in the nude, so one night I woke up to the sensation of a woman on top of me. I looked up and in the mirrors I could actually see a white woman straddling me on the bed. The sensation felt exactly like sex — I could feel my penis inside of her and everything. It was not a dream; I was definitely awake while it was happening. All of the sudden, she was gone — leaving me alone and incredibly excited and terrified at the same time."

At the time, Brown was living in an Atlanta mansion formerly owned by Mike Thevis, whom US Weekly called "the so-called Scarface of porn." This was, Brown said, before he'd started abusing drugs. Brown wrote he "would often see white women walk down the hallway," and that he "sensed a lot of evil shit had gone down in that house" while Thevis inhabited it. Thus the haunting.

According to the Cut, it's not so unusual for ghosts to bump uglies with living humans — psychologists chalk up the otherworldly experience to "hallucinations while drifting in and out of sleep." Brown would beg to differ. 

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