Hellmann's Told People to Put Mayo in Their Guacamole — And the Internet Is Freaking Out


First, the New York Times insisted on adding peas to guacamole and the internet (and President Barack Obama) swiftly responded with skepticism and disgust. 

So did brands take this as a lesson about toeing the line of what's appropriate in guacamole recipes? 

No, they didn't.

Today, Hellmann's U.K. tweeted a suggestion that adding mayonnaise to guacamole would elevate chip's perfect dip. The people of the world wide web were quick to crush this preposterous suggestion faster than you can mash an avo in a molcajete. 

This morning at about 7:30 a.m. Eastern, @HellmansUK disastrously tweeted out "Mayo in guac, it's better. Trust us. #Grilltopia." 

Mayonnaise happens to be Britain's favorite condiment, according to a 2013 survey. Brits, like Belgians, often dip French fries in the white condiment.

What happened next was all too resonant of the pea-guac catastrophe of 2015.

Full-on rage ensued:

We remain neutral for now (no we don't, this is disgusting), and will wait for the leader of the free world, or perhaps one of the British royals, to weigh in on this important matter. 

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