People Are Pissed About the Selfie Statue — But These Are Way Worse

People are pissed about this new statue in Texas that depicts two girls taking a selfie:

ABC News/YouTube

While a multi-thousand dollar statue of the narcissistic activity that's plagued our generation can be found offensive, it's not even the worst statue in the United States. 

There's this sexually suggestive statue of a young boy "riding" a turtle:


Which was totally approved by that kid who likes turtles:


And this terrifying 400-pound bronze statue that's supposed to depict I Love Lucy actress Lucille Balle:

Mic/Fox News

Too bad you can't untag a statue.

And then there's this 62-foot Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio, that was burned down:


Only to be resurrected as a 52-foot Jesus statue:

Mic/Dayton Daily News

To be honest, it's better to have a selfie statue than a statue ruined by selfies.


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