Mexico's First Gay Commercial Aired This Week — And Everyone Is Smiling

The first Mexican commercial featuring a gay couple aired ahead of the nation's gay pride celebration — starting a conversation online about LGBT issues and reminding folks to #SmileWithPride.

Colgate's same-gender couple commercial features two men moving in together into a new apartment space. The woes and throes of moving in with one's partner can be felt the moment the couple begins unloading their furniture, and as the two have trouble climbing up the stairs with their sofa. 

But for a gay couple moving into a large complex, other issues can arise as well, like closed-minded neighbors and their flat out disapproval of gay people. So, the look of fear on both men's faces as they were met by an older man and a young boy represent a relatable fear many LGBT people might feel when shacking up. 

The commercial ends on a happy note, with the current residents helping the gay couple into their new home by bringing their couch up the stairs.

The message to #SmileWithPride inspired countless LGBT couples and their allies to spread the happy message across social media:

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