This Viral Bath Bomb Video Shows How to Make Your Tub Into a Real-Life Horror Show

As if A Nightmare On Elm Street didn't make bathtubs terrifying enough, a new viral video featuring a bathtub is part mesmerizing, part "what the actual fuck" — and entirely enthralling.

In the 26-second video, which has thus far received over 1.5 million views since being posted Saturday by Instagram user toxicbitchcraft, a black bath bomb is slowly submerged into a bathtub, creating what looks like a behind-the-scenes Harry Potter featurette.


If that weren't bewildering enough, the video's final seconds cut to a fully-blackened tub; it's David Lynch meets The Ring — minus (sadly) Naomi Watts.


Is it some sort of Horcrux? A Dementor? Is it a sign that Voldemort is not a fictitious super-villain but in fact a real-life apparition?

Some seem to think so...

In actuality, the bath bomb is a product from Bella Muerta Clothing, an online retailer specializing in handmade gothic bath bombs "for dark sweet hearts." 

Though the product is unsurprisingly sold out, Mic has reached out to the brand to try and get the necessary details on when they'll be restocked.

In the meantime...

Mic/Warner Bros