Obama vs Romney Polls: 3 Reasons Why Obama Is Surging Ahead in Polling


As the election nears, it is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is in the clear for a second term. This may not necessarily be what conservative Republicans think, but the polls and data seem to show otherwise. Besides, there are plenty of other reasons as to why Obama is gaining in the polls, most of which are attributable to Obama’s excited and fired up supporters. By now, there are several articles on PolicyMic making the case why Obama will win or how he has pulled ahead in the polls. Here are are three more reasons why he is likely to win.

1. Obama supporters are energetic. 

This is not to say that Romney supporters are not, but one cannot help but notice how much more energy there was at the Democratic National Convention than the Republican National Convention. In 2008, Obama supporters were so enthusiastic. Up until this year's convention, many had wondered where all that energy had gone, when suddenly supporters remembered why they chose President Obama in the first place. The more energetic voter is the one who will not hesitate to vote for the person they want in office and make a proud show of who they support.

2. Obama supporters don’t give up. 

Again, much of Obama’s current success is attributed to Obama’s loyal supporters. For the first time in months, Obama’s campaign was able to pull ahead of Romney showing that his supporters were willing to prove that Obama was the man for the job and give him four more years. This Slate article also goes on to argue that Obama is winning because of the economy, not despite the economy. This is important to consider as the economy is a fragile topic, and voters will be drawn to the candidate who is able to work through the struggling economy and get America in better shape financially.

3. Obama understands the needs of average citizens.


This may be the most important point, as both Romney and Obama are working hard to reach out to voters in the most effective way possible. While Obama gave a DNC speech that, while not his best by any means, it did show that he was able to connect to those in the middle class which is what both candidates are after. Meanwhile, Romney is working to gain support by pointing out Obama’s flaws.

Both Romney are Obama are focused on winning the key swing states in the months before the election. The upcoming presidential debates will only intensify the importance of understanding the needs of average Americans and the problems which this country faces. A Gallup poll found that nearly 58% of Americans think Obama will win. Obama is in the lead in the polls and that is not likely to change throughout the debates, if one compares how Obama did in 2008 against John McCain both in the debates and in the polls