Evil Librarian Blares Ice Cream Truck Song From Mobile Library, Relishes in Kids' Horror


Nothing says summer like the that jangling melody of an ice cream truck on a hot day. 

But in Ludlow, England, one soul-less adult is abusing the power of the tune. 

Librarian Roy Hobbs, a driver of a mobile library in Ludlow, is blaring the ice cream truck chimes from his vehicle, the Daily Mash reported. 

Food marketers often use a repetitive jingle to associate a food product with a musical melody. But hijacking a jingle and trying to hawk something much less delicious? That's a real low. 


"It's the disappointment on their little faces," the librarian told the Mash, revealing that he's got a sick sense of humor. 

"They rush to the back of the van clutching their fivers and get offered a choice of Martin Amis, Ruth Rendell or the later work of Stephen King, and they just crumple up into tears," Hobbs said, further proving there's a rock where his heart is supposed to be. 

Books might be better for one's health, but that's no excuse to manipulate the hopes and dreams of little, sugar-hungry children.  

And yet, doesn't it all just make you want to roll your head back and unleash a demonic bellow?