New Naked Restaurant Will Ban Overweight Diners From Service

A Japanese restaurant is making one step forward for nude dining, and one leap backward for body inclusion. 

A naked restaurant — yup, where diners eat in the buff — that's setting up shop in Tokyo next month has some harsh entry requirements, Mashable reported. Unlike similar eatery concepts in London and Melbourne, Tokyo restaurant the Amrita will weigh and measure the height of each customer at the door. Those who staff deem as "overweight" are not allowed to enter.


This is, somehow, not a joke: The restaurant wrote on its website that anyone who is somewhere around 33 pounds over the "average" weight that corresponds with their height should not bother buying tickets for the pop-up. It appears the rule-makers are citing body mass index to determine whether a person is overweight, even though the system is often regarded to be a flawed measure.

If this nightmare wasn't bad enough, the Amrita will not refund the entrance fees for customers that it says are overweight. And those tickets don't come cheap: The top-tier tickets (which are somehow already sold out) are a whopping $748. The cheapest option costs $131.

The Amrita will also enforce age restrictions. Diners must between the ages of 18 and 60; any older or younger and entry will be denied.  Consider this: Neither Denzel Washington (who's 61) nor Christie Brinkley (62) would be entitled to dine at the Amrita. 


Why would anyone pay to dine at this shit-show of an establishment? It's the food and garish entertainment, allegedly. If someone makes it past the strict entry gates, they can expect to feast on an organic "Adam and Eve' style banquet" in the nude (minus paper underwear bottoms). In case you need a refresher, Adam and Eve were eventually sentenced to clothing and mortality.

It's not just the patrons that get to bear it all. Diners will be served by naked staffers, who will don g-string thongs,  RocketNews24 reported. The restaurant promises that said servers will be "men with the world's most beautiful bodies." 

There will also be a "men's [dance] show" featuring male models from Europe and America.  Nothing says "great restaurant" like body shaming and ageism with a side order of objectification. 

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