Searching for Hitler on Google Brings Up Results for Donald Trump. Why?


Go looking for Donald Trump on Google, and you'll find an endless litany of controversy, bombastic complaints and nervous hand-wringing. You'll also find Adolf Hitler.

On Google, if you search for "when was Hitler born," it'll pull up a special card with Hitler's birthday alongside three relevant characters. One is Charlie Chaplin, who played Hitler in the 1940 film The Great Dictator. The other is Hitler's wife, Eva Braun. The first is Donald Trump.

On the other hand, if you go looking for "Donald Trump date of birth," Google will return the right answer, alongside an entire gallery of World War II figures such as Hitler, Braun, Anne Frank and Joseph Stalin. Napoleon Bonaparte is in the mix as well, probably not because of Donald Trump's reputation for tiny fingers.


No explanation: One possible reason for this is that Donald Trump is constantly compared to Hitler in everything from Reddit threads to major magazine cover stories that warn us about Donald Trump's alleged threat to democracy.

But as conservative media points out, the numbers don't add up. Fox News noticed that Googling Trump and Hitler together pulls up 25.7 million search results, while Googling him with Hillary Clinton brings up 199 million search results. So why aren't we seeing Donald Trump in a gallery alongside other presidential contenders?

A Google representative told Mic the company is currently looking into why Googling Hitler or Trump will pull the other into search results.

But Google isn't in the business of manually comparing search results. It simply makes an algorithm that forms those connections on its own.