Brock Turner May Have Taken and Distributed a Nude Photo of His Victim During Assault

According to the felony complaint case summary of Brock Turner, there's reason to believe the former Stanford student paused to document his assault of his 23-year-old victim.  

One of the two Swedish graduate students who caught Turner in the act told authorities they saw him "standing over her with a cell phone." 

"The cell phone had a bright light pointed in the direction of the female, using either a flashlight app in his phone or its built in flash," the report reads.

Brock Turner's felony complaint case summarySuperior Court of California County of Santa Clara

ABC News reported that a separate sentencing document revealed that following Turner's arrest on Jan 18, 2015, police noticed that a message popped up on his phone asking, "Who's [sic] tits are those?" The message was sent using the "Group Me" app, according to ABC. But while authorities were later able to obtain a warrant to search Turner's cell phone, they were unable to find the photo to which the text referred. 

But, as Cosmopolitan pointed out, that detail compounded with the fact that the victim was found with her bra lifted up over her left breast, lends credibility to the argument.

And, for a case with increasingly devastating twists and turns, it wouldn't be surprising.

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