Christopher Stevens Photos: Graphic Images Show US Libya Ambassador After Rocket Attack on Consulate


On Tuesday, the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by an angry mob that was reacting to the production of an obscure American-made film called, The Innocence of Muslims, by "Sam Bacile," (apparently a pseudonym) and promoted by Terry Jones, a pastor in Florida. The movie depicts and mocks Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion. Such depictions are considered blasphemy within the faith, as many found out in 2006, when European embassies were attacked in reaction to the publishing of some controversial cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. Spurred on by news of the existence of the film, rioters in Benghazi set their sights on the American consulate, launching a rocket into the building. Killed in the attack were four consulate employees, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Stevens had just been appointed U.S. Ambassador to Libya on June 7, 2012. 

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A possibly unconscious Ambassador Stevens was assisted by Libyans and taken a nearby hospital, where a doctor said he had died of severe asphyxiation. 

The body of Ambassador Stevens.


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Rioters set fire to a vehicle inside the consulate grounds.


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A militant celebrates after the American consulate was set ablaze.


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Rioters looted the consulate and were seen leaving with furniture, computers, and other items.



Possibly an image of a U.S. consulate worker (perhaps Stevens).


Ambassador Christopher Stevens, 1960-2012.