Apple iOS 10 Update Is Going to Change the Way You Text


Bye bye, boring words. Your texts are about to get a lot more creative. 

On Monday, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone operating system — iOS 10 — at its annual Worldwide Developers' Conference. iOS 10 will be available for iPhone users this fall, Apple says. Here are some of the coolest features: 


Emojis are getting bigger — literally. They'll be three times bigger than before, plus they'll be much easier to find. When you're typing a message, the keyboard will predict what emojis you'll want to send. It even has a Type to Replace feature that predicts the emojis you're looking for as you write. 


iMessage Apps

With iOS 10, you'll be able to use different apps directly within iMessage. You'll be able to place an order on a food-delivery app through iMessage. You and your friends can even collaborate on a Seamless order within iMessage. 

You'll be able to use other fun services, like the video-making app JibJab, from within iMessage. You can create and send custom videos to your friends. 


Fullscreen Effects 

Some messages are more special than others. You'll be able to add a Fullscreen Effect to your iMessage for a unique touch. Some options include flying balloons, flashing lights or confetti. 


Invisible Ink

Want to share a secret or a surprise? iOS 10 will have an Invisible Ink option that turns your photo or words into a scattered mass of dots. The recipient has to swipe over the image or text to reveal it. 


Bubble Effects

Different messages necessitate a different mode of delivery. With Bubble Effects you can change the way your iMessage appears on the recipient's phone. You can choose to have it abruptly pop up or to make the text tiny, as Apple demonstrated on Monday.


Handwritten Messages

Sometimes typing isn't personal enough. With iOS 10, you'll be able to write out a message by hand, or stylus or finger, in iMessage. The recipient will see your message like an animation, just as you wrote it. 



Want to react to a message instantly? You'll have the option to respond using a Tapback, sending a tiny image like a thumbs-up or a question mark in response to a text in iMessage. 


Customizable Photos and Videos

It's not just your texts that are changing. Your photos and videos are going to be different as well. You'll be able to draw or put little stamps on the photos and videos you send, kinda like the art tools on Snapchat.



Like Facebook, Apple is going to start experimenting with animated stickers. You'll be able to get different sticker packs from the App Store and send them to your friends as a separate message, attached to a text message or added onto photos.