The 6 Worst Dating Dealbreakers, According to Millennials — Plus One That Trumps Them All


There are so many things you could talk about on a first date to figure out if the person sitting across from you might be "the one": shared interests, passions, goals, family, childhood, friends, career, favorite kitchen appliances, least favorite dog breeds, etc.


You could just cut to the chase and ask them which presidential candidate they plan to vote for in November. New data suggests that this is quite the hard-and-fast deal breaker for many single Americans.

To coincide with the premiere of the fourth season of its dating competition Are You The One?, MTV conducted a study on millennial dating and the election. After polling 900 people — 500 of which were age 18-34 — it was determined that only 28% of Hillary Clinton supporters would be willing to date a Donald Trump supporter. Meanwhile, Trump supporters were split 50/50 on the prospect of dating a Hillary supporter. 

The Hillary camp is decidedly not into dating those who support the competition, though. According to stats exclusively sent to Mic, there is quite the impressive list of undesirable characteristics they would rather tolerate than deal with someone who plans on voting orange in November. Here are all the dating dealbreakers Hillary supporters will overlook before dating someone who supports Trump:

1. Someone who has been arrested

Sad! But not altogether surprising. Really it just adds to the existing body of evidence out there suggesting that pledging allegiance to the Donald during this election is a risky move if you're trying to not die alone. 

Back in March, Mic shared the story of Terrence Lee, a gay man from Arkansas whose partner of six years dumped him due to his Trump love. Lee told Mic at the time that their opposing viewpoints — particularly in regards to Trump's proposal of building a wall between Mexico and the United States — had finally become too much for the relationship to handle.

Meanwhile, couples that do stay together despite their differences on the subject can find it difficult to talk politics at all. Mandy Stadtmiller demonstrated this in a Cut essay titled "Trump is Tearing My Marriage Apart," also in March.

"I don't want this screaming shitshow to be our marriage," she wrote. "I read articles aloud and show him news segments. He returns with his own articles and news segments that refute mine."

Perhaps it's no surprise that the single folk of the world would just rather not go down such a murky road in the first place. After all, why date a Trump supporter when you can just date a cell-phone-less, collar-popping, smoking bad kisser with an arrest record instead?