These LGBTQ People Tell Lawmakers Exactly What to Do With Their "Thoughts and Prayers"


The United States remains the only country in the modern world to face such systematic gun massacres like Sunday morning's deadliest shooting in the nation's history. 

So it's no wonder politicians whose job it is to keep Americans safe tweeting "thoughts and prayers" have become a common reply to bloodshed.

The United States continues to watch gunmen enter all of its safe spaces — movie theaters, schools full of children, churches and now a gay nightclub — and shot citizens to death without any major political action (save for President Obama's recent executive orders). 

By the time terror targeted the LGBT community at Pulse, the majority of those on social media were simply fed up by their lawmakers praying for their loved ones. While #PrayForOrlando began trending in the wake of the tragedy, so did #PolicyChangeForOrlando and #StopGunViolence

Igor Volsky, the Center for American Progress Action Fund's deputy director, singlehandedly tracked numerous senators as they responded to the developing news, and slammed any of them who have accepted gun lobby donations then touted they were praying for the victims.

Though, luckily, he found time to celebrate his pride in the midst of an arduous process:

Other members of the LGBTQ2 community were just as appalled by the lack of progress in gun safety measures following each thought and prayer:

The LGBTQ2 community isn't afraid to pull receipts, either:

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