iPhone 5 Preorder: 7 Reasons You Should Buy Today


Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 (on sale September 21) on Wednesday in San Francisco with all the usual fanfare that comes with the release of one of its new products. Much like the hype that surrounded the release of previous Apple gadgets, the iPhone 5 received tremendous attention online even before its release. This is partially due to the new iPhone’s leaked components and specs. But despite all its attention is the new iPhone really worth the hype it’s receiving?

I myself am not an ardent loyalist of any brand of phones, especially Apple. However, I can appreciate the sleek experience that the iPhone gives that I have yet to see among other phones. That being said, here are seven reasons why even I think it is worth getting an iPhone 5.

1. Bigger Screen

The iPhone 4 and 4s had decently-sized screens; however, the new screen is much longer and will provide a 16x9 display. I personally liked this model because though they made the screen longer, the width of the screen is still the same. We have phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note which have enormous screen sizes and a variety of different uses for them, but that’s not what I want on a phone. I want it to fit in my hand without it feeling too clunky, and want it to slide in and out of my pocket without causing too much trouble.

2. 4G LTE

Finally, Apple has decided to put 4G on its phones. It goes without saying that Apple has the best Graphics Display among its competition, providing users with an excellent gaming and media experience. Now with 4G the iPhone can stream videos online as if you were on wifi!

3. A6 Processor

This might not be as big of a deal for some people, but for those of you who know what this is, the A6 processor chip allows the phone to function twice as fast as the previous chip for the iPhones — the A5.. For most daily usage the iPhone works well without any need for a speed increase but the new chip will be a big help for any hardcore user / app developer.

4. Audio System

The iPhone’s audio system has been tweaked to make the speakers smaller but much more effective. This adds to the media perfection that the iPhone is turning out to be.

5. Battery life

The iPhone 5 can go on for 8 hours straight using its 4G LTE service and 10 hours straight using Wi-Fi. With video, the iPhone can survive for 30 hours and with no usage at all or if its on standby, it can survive for an amazing 225 hours.

6. Camera

The camera now comes with a new image processing chip that reduces the noise reduction in images automatically. This allows for low light photography to be taken with more clarity since the phone automatically analyzes and decides which part of the image should get noise reduction. The camera also works40% faster in image capture, which is always useful if you are trying to capture some quick shots of a moving target. The panorama mode allows for the user to move the camera around and capture a crisp image of up to 240 degrees.

7. IOS6

The last and (as I see it) the most important feature is IOS6. The new iPhone comes installed with IOS6. This has new apps like an updated Siri, Passbook and Apple Maps. Apple seems like it's giving Google a run for its money by incorporating integrated vector graphics into the Apple Maps app so that the display remains clear and crisp. The passbook makes taking the train and flying seem like cake walk with their app which can store coupons, tickets and much more.

The iPhone has always had the aesthetics to separate it from its competition. Now with all the hardware updates it’s definitely worth checking it out.