iPhone 8 Rumors Have the Tech World Going Crazy for 3 Big Reasons


Apple's iPhone 7 release is months away, but if you were hoping for a phone that looks completely different, you might want to wait another year. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 will be a game-changer.

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Since 2007, thousands of people have waited yearly for Apple to unveil a rectangle that promises to reinvent their digital life. 2017, the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, is expected to be Apple's biggest update yet.

The iPhone 7 will likely look a hell of a lot like the iPhone 6s — only with a better camera and a new color option (dark blue!). But this is why the iPhone 8 may be worth waiting for, especially if you're not keen on shelling out for a high-end smartphone every year. (Dismal fact: The people who made your iPhone would have to spend a month's wages to buy one.)

Julie Jacobson/AP

A New Bod

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 will feature a wrap-around, all-glass display. It'll be edge-to-edge, meaning you can kiss your bezels goodbye. Instead, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera will be built directly into the display, MacRumors reported. So if you're into all-glass everything and desperate for s'more screen space, then maybe hold out for the iPhone 8. Just don't drop it. 

A Better Display

Apple is expected to make the move from LCD displays in its iPhones to OLED displays, 9to5Mac reported. Finally. OLED screens, currently found in Apple Watches, are much more impressive to gaze lovingly into than an LCD screen: They offer better contrast ratios and truer colors and can lead to thinner, lighter and even flexible displays. OLED screens are also more efficient, meaning more optimal battery life. 

A Reason to Celebrate

The iPhone 8 marks Apple's 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, so it's reasonable to suspect that the company will mark the milestone with something major. Iris scanning? Wireless charging? (Please, for the love of God, let me plop my iPhone on a charging puck and watch it juice itself.) What about an all-new name, like the iPhone 10 or X — something to commemorate the anniversary? 

Time will tell. Hey, maybe the anniversary iPhone can reverse the bleak forecast for Apple's smartphone sales.