Amber Rose Has Some Stellar Future Sex Advice For Her 3-Year-Old Son Sebastian


Amber Rose is not a fan of the orgasm gap, and she'll be damned if her future feminist son Sebastian grows up to be a part of the problem. 

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, she dispensed a few pearls of wisdom about how she plans to teach her son about sex:

I'm gonna be like Barbra Streisand in '[Meetthe Fockers' where she asks [Ben Stiller's character], 'Hey, honey, have you been giving your wife orgasms? Just make sure you're giving your wife orgasms because it's so important in a relationship.' That's the type of mom I'm gonna be.

As per usual, Rose is doing her part for the future of womankind.

Now that's a good MUVA!

Rose also revealed in her interview that there will be a portion of her forthcoming VH1 talk show dedicated to tackling sex and relationship questions from her audience. 

"Most of the guy questions that we get [from the audience] are, 'Does this make me gay?' Or, 'Is my girlfriend gonna think that I'm gay if I like this?'" Rose told Cosmopolitan. "Girls, mostly, we get questions like, 'How long should I wait before I have sex?' 'Should I make him wait long?'"

Ah, so the men are afraid of being perceived as gay and the women are afraid of being perceived as sluts. Society is fun!

"It's not about how he's going to feel about you, it's about what you want," she told the magazine. "You're a person too. That's always the thing when it comes to sex and women: We always feel like we need to do what's best for the guy. It's not like that. You need to take control of your own life and protect yourself."

Wowza. The Amber Rose Show looks like it's going to be one big feminist fiesta of sex positivity and bad bitchiness!