The 6 Stages of Frank Ocean Withdrawal — Because Seriously, Dude, Where's Your New Album?


Frank Ocean left the music scene almost as quickly as he arrived, releasing one of the most groundbreaking modern R&B albums in history four years ago then disappearing into thin air. 

The "Thinkin Bout You" singer promised two versions of either a new studio album or a 'zine by July of last year to follow his 2012 freshman album, Channel Orange. But, as any Ocean fan knows by this point, the singer-songwriter has been ghosting everyone, avoiding the press, social media and every other outlet almost entirely. 

Ocean fans have had to ride out a tidal wave of emotions, which went from waiting patiently, to losing all sense of reality, to just not giving a shit about ever receiving new music from the 28-year-old artist. It's a proceess that could only be described by the following stages of F.O.W. — which is of course short for "Frank Ocean Withdrawal." 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images




How has all of this happened without a new album? How?




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