The 6 Stages of Frank Ocean Withdrawal — Because Seriously, Dude, Where's Your New Album?

Frank Ocean left the music scene almost as quickly as he arrived, releasing one of the most groundbreaking modern R&B albums in history four years ago then disappearing into thin air. 

The "Thinkin Bout You" singer promised two versions of either a new studio album or a 'zine by July of last year to follow his 2012 freshman album, Channel Orange. But, as any Ocean fan knows by this point, the singer-songwriter has been ghosting everyone, avoiding the press, social media and every other outlet almost entirely. 

Ocean fans have had to ride out a tidal wave of emotions, which went from waiting patiently, to losing all sense of reality, to just not giving a shit about ever receiving new music from the 28-year-old artist. It's a proceess that could only be described by the following stages of F.O.W. — which is of course short for "Frank Ocean Withdrawal." 

Frank Ocean, can you hear us? It's your crying fans, screaming for your love and attention like you in this picture.Jason Merritt/Getty Images




How has all of this happened without a new album? How?




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