Amy Schumer Just Landed Her Very First 'Vogue' Cover


Amy Schumer, a comedian who's created an empire on a quick wit, a daring and unapologetic TV show — and dick jokes — just landed herself a Vogue cover

Schumer graces the magazine's July cover wearing a red satin gown with a sweetheart neckline. She appears to be lounging in a field of grass, staring into the camera, which just happens to be held by Annie Leibovitz. 

Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Inside the magazine, she is seen running through Central Park in an extravagant Naeem Khan gown and even doing standup in shapewear

But as with anything Schumer accomplishes, there is deeper meaning. She is one of the few women Vogue has deemed successful and beautiful enough to grace its cover while not being completely stick-thin. Among her peers who have done the same are women like Adele, Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Lena Dunham and Serena Williams

But what makes this cover all the more important is that you can actually see Amy Schumer. Often, when women above, say, a size 0 or 2 or 4 appear on the cover of magazines, they are cropped from the waist up at the very least. In this month's Vogue, we can see Schumer to the upper thigh. 

Compare Schumer to Adele on her first American Vogue cover in 2012, when was photographed from just the waist up. In 2016, the cover actually just showed her from just below the bust up. Back in 2010, for British Vogue, basically just her face was photographed. When Oprah landed on Vogue's front page in 1998, she was posed similarly to Schumer, but the picture came after a dramatic weight loss. Since then, Oprah hasn't been on the cover once. 


Although she has vehemently refused the 'plus size' label, Schumer's been an outspoken champion of body positivity and body diversity so already on the internet, people are thrilled with Schumer's look.

So yes, consider this a win for Schumer and women like her who exist in the spotlight but don't conform to the status quo. Here she is on the cover of Vogue in a bright red dress, daring you not to smile just a little. 

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