Science Says Freezing Coffee Beans Before Grinding Them Yields a Better Batch of Brew


Pursuing the perfect cup of homemade coffee? (We see you, coffee snobs.) Science has a hot — err, cool tip for your home brewing operation. 


According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, freezing coffee beans helps produce a better cuppa. 

Here's what's happening: Beans that are cooler in temperature produce more uniform grind when you run them through a grinder. This uniform grind, in turn, will result in more flavor from the same amount of grind, the New York Times reported. 

If you grind some room temperature beans, you risk having different sized coffee grind and a cup of confusing flavor notes. Disaster status — that's because small grains produce a sour taste and big ones produce a bitter one. 

Because grinders heat up with use during a given day, baristas will actually set them to make smaller grinds to compensate for the day's fluctuating temperatures, the New York Times noted. 

Whether you store your precious beans in a pantry or a freezer, the National Coffee Association recommends putting them in an airtight container. This prevents coffee from absorbing the odors and flavors from the surrounding air. A contain that isn't airtight will lead to freezer burn and you'll have to throw out your beans. (The horror.) 

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