Introducing the Doughrito, The Donut-Burrito Breakfast Hybrid That's Taking Names


You've probably heard of the bacon, egg and cheese, the popular breakfast sandwich combo, but have you heard of the bacon, egg and cheese and donut? No? Well, there's a donut chain wants to bring them into your life.

Surfin' Donuts in California is selling a breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, cheese, meat and your choice of donut, according to Mashable. 

The chain has dubbed the hybrid creation the "doughrito" (probably because "burrnut" might've sounded strange). Patrons can choose from a glazed, maple, sugar or chocolate donut and decide what meaty protein to stuff inside. It sounds extreme, but perhaps is a more appropriate way to start the day then with, say, the Oreo-stuffed Oreo bagel.

Like most standard breakfast burritos, the doughrito is served with salsa, not maple syrup, noted Foodbeast. In the publication's taste test, the lucky tasters said the donuts "seemed to work perfectly for the burrito build," even though the glaze was quite damp. "Some might even confuse [the donut] for softer, sweeter potato rounds," Foodbeast added. 

While mixing donuts with meat and cheese isn't necessarily conventional, Surfin' Donuts isn't the first to combine sweet and savory items into one for breakfast. McDonald's has been serving McGriddles, which feature sweet pancake-like bread sandwiching savory breakfast items like sausage, for years. So perhaps the doughrito has some staying power. 

Who knows? Maybe one day it'll show up on your local Dunkin' Donuts menu. Ain't no harm in dreaming. 

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