Here's the One Photo Taylor Swift Left Up of Her and Calvin Harris After Their Breakup


As we mourn the death of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris's relationship (and celebrate the birth of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship), something mysterious is happening on Taylor's Instagram grid.

Like many people are prone to do in the aftermath of a breakup, it seems that she and Calvin have both meticulously scrubbed their social media footprints to remove all traces of their relationship from their respective accounts.

But upon a closer inspection at Swift's Instagram, there is one photograph she forgot to — or chose not to — delete. It was posted on December 23rd of last year, and it features herself and Harris building a snowman.

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What's going on here? Why would she go through the trouble of deleting all of their pictures together and leave just this one? 

There are a number of possible explanations, and it would be remiss of us not to explore each and every one. So let us begin!

1. Her love of snow and snowmen trumps her hatred of Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift has a known affinity for rain and rain imagery, so it stands to reason that she loves snow — known in some circles as frozen rain — as well. Plus, she once dressed up as Olaf from Frozen for Halloween, so her love of snowmen is also well-documented. Perhaps this was enough for her to decide that this one image was worth salvaging.

2. She is petty and decided to remove only pictures in which Calvin Harris's face (and/or skin) is clearly visible.


You might have noticed that Calvin's face cannot be seen in this mysterious snowman picture. Even the back of his head is hidden underneath a hood as he looks away from the camera. Also hidden: his hands, which are sporting a pair of black gloves. In fact, there is not a single inch of exposed Calvin Harris skin, as he is covered up from head to toe in a presumable effort to brace the harsh December cold.

"You can't see his face or even a single inch of his skin in this photo," Taylor might have thought to herself as she performed her post-breakup Instagram scrub. "So I guess it's fine."

3. The man in the photograph is in fact not Calvin Harris, but Swift's brother Austin.

Taylor and Calvin were not alone that day. An additional (since-deleted) photograph from the snowman-building session features a cameo by Swift's brother, the venerable Austin Kingsley Swift

Given that every inch of the man in question is covered up, there's a chance he is not Calvin Harris at all and is instead Austin Kingsley Swift. However, Austin appears to be wearing brown boots, and the boots in the other picture are clearly black, so he'd have to have changed his shoes at some point.


4. Taylor's social media intern fucked up.

It is a fairly common practice for celebrities to outsource the management of their social media accounts to a member of their team, whether it's an intern or a paid "celebrity social media manager."

Does Taylor Swift really have the time to meticulously scroll through the past 15 months of Instagram posts and press "delete" herself? Probably not. It's very possible that her intern did the dirty work for her, and made an error in the process.

5. The snowman himself was like, "Bitch, you better not delete me from Instagram."

Consider the following imaginary conversation between Taylor Swift and the snowman that she and Calvin Harris created on that fateful day.

Location: Taylor Swift's basement.

Taylor: Bad news. Calvin and I broke up, so I'm deleting all of our pictures from Instagram. This means I have to delete those two we took from the day you were built.

Snowman: Taylor, no! It's bad enough that I'm being forced to live in this walk-in freezer in your basement until next winter. Can't you at least preserve my social media presence?

Taylor: I have no choice.

Snowman: What if you kept just that one?

Taylor: Which one?

Snowman: The one where you guys are in the process of building me. I mean, you can't even see his face in it. We both win.

Taylor: OK, fine. Because I love you. 

Snowman: Thank you! I love you too.