Outback Steakhouse's New "Loaded Bloomin' Onion" Has as Much Fat as 62 Strips of Bacon

Outback Steakhouse's newest menu item answers the old question of "onion rings or fries?" 

The chain has bumped their famed Bloomin' Onion one step up in their profitable pantheon of deep-fried appetizers by topping it with... cheese fries ("Aussie Cheese Fries," to be exact), People reported

This so-called "Loaded Bloom" is an entire battered, seasoned and fried onion topped with french fries, cheese, bacon and spicy ranch dressing for good measure. 

If you're thinking that ingredient list doesn't exactly sound healthy, well, you are correct. The original, non-french-fry-topped Bloomin' Onion already clocks in at 1,954 calories. The new loaded version comes in at a whopping 2,360 calories, an Outback Steakhouse spokesperson said in an email. That's well over the daily recommended 2,000 caloric intake mark. 

Outback Steakhouse

"It's supposed to serve six people," the spokesperson said. And while that's a nice hypothetical, when's the last time you've seen six people comfortably split one onion?

In other words, the Loaded Bloom is a loaded nutritional gut-buster. If one hungry person were to scarf down the new loaded onion, this is what they'd be consuming: 


The calories in one Loaded Bloom is equivalent to that of 9.5 avocados, or 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream.Tri Vo/Mic

Total Fat:

The total fat in one Loaded Bloom is equivalent to that of 124.4 Oreo cookies, or 62 strips of bacon.Tri Vo/Mic

Saturated Fat:

The saturated fat in one Loaded Bloom is equivalent to that of 25 large order of fries from McDonald's, or 12.5 packs of Twix candy bars (that's 25 individual Twix bars).Tri Vo/Mic


The sugar in one Loaded Bloom is equivalent to that of 6.5 Starbursts, or 5 tablespoons of Heinz Ketchup.Tri Vo/Mic
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