Kim and Kanye Really Are Made for Each Other — And Here's the Proof


Have you ever skeptically observed Kim Kardashian West on the red carpet with her husband Kanye and wondered WTF they have in common? Have you ever assumed their relationship was a fake Hollywood situation? A mere publicity stunt flawlessly orchestrated by shrewd matriarch Kris Jenner?

Well, listen. You're wrong.

Kim and Kanye are actually made for each other. Check out this groovy quote Kim gave to Caity Weaver in her new GQ profile:

All my friends and my sisters say, "You guys are so perfect for each other. There's no one that would want to sit in your closet for hours with you and try on clothes."


Elsewhere in the piece, Weaver specifically asked Kim to name one thing she does that annoys Kanye. And they are so made for each other that she was stumped! So she called him. (He answered the phone "immediately," natch.)

"I'm doing an interview, and I just want to know what I do to drive you crazy," Kim said. "Because I can't think of anything that I could possibly do that drives you crazy."

Kanye was stumped as well, so Kim had a buttered cracker while he stroked his chin (we don't know this for sure, but it's a reasonable assumption) in thought.

"Finally, nearly two minutes into the call, a breakthrough: Sometimes a designer will e-mail Kim a sketch of an ensemble and Kanye will request to see it; on occasion Kim forgets to forward the e-mail, so Kanye must ask again and again," Weaver wrote. "This drives him crazy."

Couples who are madly in love and utterly made for each other always fight about the dumbest things! Taking out the trash. Doing the dishes. Forwarding the sketches of ensembles from famous designers. Washing the bathtub. Etc.

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