Miss Great Britain Zara Holland Had Her Crown Revoked for Boinking Someone on Reality TV


If you're a beauty queen, it's apparently not OK to have consensual sex with another adult on television. Zara Holland — who was Miss Great Britain up until Thursday — learned this the hard way. 

After having sex with one of her fellow cast members on Wednesday's episode of the dating reality show Love Island, the Miss Great Britain organization has decided to de-crown her.

"The feedback we have received from pageant insiders and members of the general public is such that we cannot promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward," the organization wrote in a statement on Twitter. "We wholly understand that everyone makes mistakes, but Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title."

The organization subsequently tweeted that "hey man, sex is fine!" Just don't do it on television when you're Miss Great Britain.

Following Holland's termination, Twitter freaked out, accusing the organization of slut-shaming Holland. 

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Had Zara Holland been more up to speed on beauty queen history, she might have known that pageant committees don't look too kindly on open displays of female sexuality. 

This is particularly true across the ocean in the United States. For example: former Miss California Carrie Prejean, who was fired after she posed for some racy pics.  Miss Teen Delaware also once lost her crown for appearing in porn. And of course, there's the saga of Vanessa Williams, who infamously lost her Miss America crown back in the early '80s when her nudes ran in Playboy.

For her part, Holland said on the actual show that she regrets having had the sex.

"You know when you're in the moment and it just happens," she said. "That's really not like me at all. Why couldn't we have just gone to sleep?"