Justin Bieber Falling Onstage Is Exactly What Twitter Needed After a Long Week


There's no other way to say it: following the news this week has been exhausting.

Readers have had to sit in front of their computers watching talking heads turn lost LGBTQ lives into political firepower, a rising politician get shot and stabbed, possibly for their political beliefs and alligators carry off small children. The tragedy has not let up for a moment. 

But Friday, we received a ray of light. A video surfaced that has finally brought joy back to the internet: Justin Bieber fell through a hole in his stage at a show in Canada.

The star ended up being completely fine. It seems his hot mic made the fall sound worse than it was. His tweet later in that night assuaged any doubts.

There's nothing like watching some good old-fashioned schadenfreude to get the internet smiling again.

Happy Friday.

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