5 Death Theories for Sunday's "Battle of the Bastards" on 'Game of Thrones,' c/o Twitter


In the hours before Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton face off in Game of Thrones' so-called Battle of the Bastards on Sunday night, the internet is freaking the fuck out. Because one way or the other, at least one character probably is going to die during season six's episode nine, and if seasons past are any indication, it's going to be a big deal. And so the Twitterati are bracing for intrigue, action and certain upsets.

Most people, predictably, want Jon Snow to vanquish Ramsay Bolton. As one dad explained, it the evil warden of the North's head is the only thing he's asking for this Father's Day.

But — surprise of all surprises — there exists a Team Bolton. It would seem to be sparsely populated, but it's there, and it's pushing for a Ramsay win. Because GoT traffics in upsetting deaths (Hodor), it's not unreasonable to expect that Team Bolton will have its way. 

Because what would be more GoT than killing off a beloved character mere episodes after he's been brought back from the dead? Basically nothing, that's what. 

Time has estimated his death odds at approximately 1%, though, reflecting what looks like consensus amongst online forecasters. Snow's dire wolf, however, fares worse — Time places the survival odds for Ghost, one of two remaining Stark pets, at 50%. Womp.

Sansa Stark, riding into battle alongside her half-brother with every intention of murdering her horrendously abusive ex, could theoretically be the next in her family to face a violent and untimely death. Because that would seem to be the Starks' lot in life. 

Then again, Sophie Turner did let slip that her character is "good for this season" back in February, so she may be safe for now.

Tormund, the Wildling who's lately been throwing smoldering looks at Brienne of Tarth, doesn't seem long for the GoT world. Theorists speculate that Tormund might just die saving the apparent apple of his eye, but however he goes, predictions by MTV deem his demise both necessary and imminent: "Tormund has to die so that Jon Snow can remain miserable." Damnit, Jon Snow.

Tommen is another possibility for Sunday's slaying. While he won't appear on the battlefield, the teen king may face mortal peril in the form of his own mother, Vox predicts. After receiving a de facto death sentence from her son in last week's episode, Cersei may be "about to change the pace of the game" by making a "drastic" move. It could be offing her only surviving child — remember that prophecy in which all her children die while she survives? Yep. 

It doesn't seem like the internet would hate this outcome.

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