'Game of Thrones' Fans Can Now Enjoy an Extended Snow vs. Ramsay Supercut


(Editor's note: Spoiler's ahead for Game of Thrones season six, episode nine.)

Many Game of Thrones fans walked away from Sunday night's Battle of the Bastards feeling satisfied. Many, but not all. The evilest man on television, Ramsay Bolton, suffered a beating at the hands of Jon Snow before Sansa Stark served him to his own hungry hounds, but this was not enough for one YouTuber, who uploaded an extended edition of the bloody smackdown.

Ozzy Man recaps GoT episodes weekly, voicing over compilation videos with his own sarcastic take on the show's events. This kind of thing is more or less his beat, which is why he has the authority to issue his own edit of the Bolton bashing.

"Battle of the Bastards was satisfying as fuck," he wrote in a note to HBO, the text of which precedes his supercut. "Cheers for that. However, I thought you could use extra punches in the final Jonno and Ramsay scene to push the satisfaction even further."

So he looped about 30 extra seconds of punching footage at the end of the brawl. The result is sort of masturbatory and definitely gratuitous — but hey, people really, really hated Ramsay Bolton. 

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