The US Supreme Court Rejected a Challenge to Connecticut and New York Assault Weapon Bans

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a ban on assault weapons in New York and Connecticut.

According to Reuters, the appeal sought to reverse an October ruling in a New York court that upheld the state's existing gun control laws prohibiting "semiautomatic weapons and large capacity magazines."

Connecticut and New York legislators passed the regulations in 2013, the year after a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School claimed the lives of 20 students and six educators. 

The Supreme Court's decision to toss out the appeal follows Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy's 15-hour long filibuster Wednesday, during which time he vowed to hold the Senate floor until both sides of the aisle could unite to push forward gun control legislation. 

The response to last week's Orlando shooting, he said at the time, shouldn't be silence.

"I've had enough and I just couldn't bring myself to come back to the Senate this week and pretend like this is just business as usual," said Murphy.

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