Yemen Embassy Stormed: Why Obama is Proving He is Clueless When it Comes to the Middle East


Many people don’t want to believe it, but our president is either incredibly naïve, or willfully ignorant as to the enemies that the United States has around the world. Yes, he has used an aggressive drone strategy against Al-Qaeda insurgents, and yes, he has actively worked to continue smashing that radical organization's infrastructure. Still, when it comes to what is happening now in the Middle East and North Africa right now, President Obama’s response shows that he just doesn't get it. 

It appears now that the attack on the U.S. consulate in in Behghazi was highly organized and coordinated. Obama seemed to forget one thing when responding to these attacks publicly. He and members of his administration gave off an apologetic tone to those Muslims that were offended by a controversial film depicting the prophet Mohammed in a negative light. They forgot one thing however: the storming of these embassies occurred on September 11.

The Marines at the embassy in Cairo (and now Yemen) only have jurisdiction up until the main wall. Outside, Egyptian security forces are supposed to protect people from crowds. Where were they? Were they turned away? Did they decide to let the crowds have at it? Did Obama even bother to ask?

Why was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commenting on how wonderful the Libyan army was during this whole outrage, when CBS was reporting that it was in fact their own forces that may have shown them where to find Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was then assassinated shortly afterwards.

This could very likely have been a revenge attack for the recent killing of Saeed al-Shihri, the second in command of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, in a recent airstrike. It could have also just been a reminder of the fact that it was 9/11.

This stupid "movie trailer" on YouTube was a convenient excuse to do what they would have done anyways. Period.

Other questions readily spring to mind. Why were no Marines posted at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya? President Obama didn’t break a sweat sending Marines to fortify the position yesterday, so who not last week, or last month, when he had to have known that these positions were vulnerable, and the anniversary of September 11 was fast approaching.

Why were reports ignored for years that this and other U.S. embassies around the world were in drastic need of renovations, funding and security improvement? Why has President Obama been skipping so many of his daily intelligence briefings

President Obama does not understand what he is up against. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is no friend of the United States. They are not open to friendly relations. This was evident by the fact that upon being sworn into office, Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi vowed to work to free jailed terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was arrested for plotting to blow up New York City landmarks. Morsi also released Islamists that had been jailed by his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak. 

President Obama supported the revolutions in Egypt with aid, and he supported them in Libya with air support and a no fly zone. Why? He had to have known that these revolutions were products of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, unless of course he was skipping intelligence meetings back then as well.

Members of Congress are now calling for the United States to stop the $1.5 billion in aid that we are currently sending to Egypt. Maybe we cannot interfere with a democratically elected leader, but we certainly do not have to keep sending his country money if he does not have America’s best interests at heart. The fact that Obama did not get on the phone with Morsi hours after the attack to tell him that X, Y, and Z will happen if we do not start seeing better protection of U.S. sovereign territory within their nations borders, is concerning

Why are we not immediately withdrawing aid and support? Even if the radical elements in these governments are not directly responsible, it happened on their soil, under their watch. We should not give one dime of U.S. taxpayer dollars to these nations unless we can be assured this kind of disgusting outrage will never be permitted to happen again.

We may not be able to stop the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical factions in certain Middle Eastern nations, but we sure as hell do not have to support it with our dollars and our military. You cannot negotiate with people who value martyrdom. You cannot win the hearts of minds of people who believe it is their duty to destroy Israel and bring down the west, no matter how much money you throw at them. They will simply take the money and education that you offer, and then stab you in the heart.

Today our embassies in Yemen and Iraq are facing violent protests. Several others are at risk. We should either reinforce these embassies with enough firepower to adequately protect them, or pull every last citizen out and get them away from angry mobs that want them killed.

If we are not going to fight this kind of enemy the right way, it is not worth doing at all, and we should come home from these nations entirely. If we are not willing to re-enact Sherman’s March as these bloodthirsty, radical Islamists are, then we should come home immediately.