Sky Ferreira Tore Apart the Media for Its Gross Sexism In One Epic Tweetstorm

Pop provocateur Sky Ferreira found herself as the subject of yet another sexist and offensive music profile on Friday. 

This one came out of LA Weekly, where writer Art Tavana attempted to praise her as being "more than just a sex symbol or real-life Less Than Zero character" — yet his piece barely elevated the discussion beyond her "killer tits."

It set the internet ablaze with takes  from Teen Vogue calling out the piece's clumsy sexism, to Jezebel yawning at Tavana's "lack of imagination" and Flavorwire underscoring the piece's absurdity with a mirrored take about John Lennon's wang: "John Lennon's Sex Appeal Is What Rock Music Needs Right Now."

On Monday, Ferreira offered her own comments, taking Tavana and LA Weekly to task in a lengthy Twitter rant.

"I'm not a think piece," she wrote in one of her 25 tweets. "I'm not a fucking example. I'm glad that this is making people think & conversation is happening." 

She leaves off with a warning to other writers, urging them to be more careful with their words, as what they write "does have consequences & contributes to sexism in general." 

Read her response in full below.

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