People Want Louisville Airport to Be Renamed After Muhammad Ali Following Boxer's Death


MPower Change, a national Muslim grassroots organization, relaunched a petition asking to rename the Louisville International Airport in Kentucky to the "Muhammad Ali International Airport."

The MPower Change petition already has 9,233 signatures out of its 10,000 goal. It is an extension of a petition Louisville resident Robert Holmes III started on behalf of the Global Friends of Muhammad Ali.

"Renaming Louisville International Airport, often times referred to as Standiford Field (SDF), will bring attention to the humanitarian legacy of Muhammad Ali and our great city," Holmes said in an statement.

Ali — who was a global sensation in the prime of his boxing career — died on June 3 from respiratory issues at 74.

But it was his role as a philanthropist and human rights activist that inspired millions around the world.

"Although we are saddened by his passing, one of Ali's greatest achievements was in his death," the petition said. "His memorial service brought together people from all walks of life: rich, poor, learned, unlearned, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin and religion."

If the 10,000 signature goal is met, the petition will be sent to the Louisville Airport Authority.

Natalie Chaudoin, acting public relations director for Louisville Airport Authority, told Insider Louisville that there are no plans to rename the airport. The decision is ultimately up to the board of directors of the Louisville International Airport.