'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: What Happens to a Kidnapped Hanna?


On Tuesday night, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery and the town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, returned for Pretty Little Liars' seventh and possibly final season. At the end of the sixth season, Hanna's fate was left unknown in the hands of Uber A, and the Liars have reason to believe Alison DiLaurentis' mother's evil twin named Mary Drake is involved. Mary Drake and Alison's husband, Dr. Elliot Rollins, may also have something to do with Alison being in the hospital.

The episode was quick to build suspense, opening with Aria, Spencer and Emily burying someone, possibly Hanna. To get the answer, the show went back 24 hours, during which time Toby Cavanaugh spotted Mary Drake reporting a break-in at the Lost Woods Resort (the place where Hanna was kidnapped). As everyone suspects Mary Drake to be the new villain A.D., also known as Uber A, they all receive a classic PLL group-text that reads, "A lie for a lie, an eye for an eye. The bell tolls for Hanna."

Since bell tolls usually equate to churches, the gang races to the church to see a Hanna-esque figure hanging from a rope. But it turns out to be a creepy doll that sings a warning, telling them that they have 24 hours to trade in Charlotte's (Mary Drake's daughter) killer for Hanna, otherwise her fate is sealed. 

Most of the gang guess that Alison is behind it — but time is of the essence, so they all split up to follow Mary Drake, investigate around the Lost Woods Resort and Alison's house and also visit Alison herself in the hospital. When Emily asks Alison if she killed Charlotte, Alison only awakens asking for forgiveness. Emily then goes to Alison's house, where she finds a red coat linked to the night of Charlotte's death. Emily shows Caleb Rivers the coat, so he texts Uber A that the killer is Alison.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra Fitz spot Dr. Rollins with a bag full of sharp and dangerous-looking tools. 

Over some awkward tea, Mary Drake reveals to Spencer that Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison's mother, has turned Rosewood against her — and that Mary Drake is tight with Spencer's parents. 

While everyone is frantically searching for Charlotte's killer, Hanna is shown in her kidnapped cell, which she manages to actually escape from after being inspired by a dream in which she saw Spencer. But when Hanna breaks free, she ends up right in front of Mary Drake's car. Talk about bad luck. 

The episode closes with Dr. Rollins telling Alison that he knows she killed Charlotte, and that "karma can be such a bitch."

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