Watch the Incredible Moment This Comedian Tore Into a Sexist Heckler

Stand-up comedian Steve Hofstetter is kind of an expert at dealing with hecklers at his shows — his YouTube channels is filled with examples of it — but a sexist comment from an audience member at one of his recent shows really set him off.

In the video, Hofstetter called the moment perhaps "the angriest I've ever been on stage." What happens is this: Hofstetter launches into a bit about men who whine about female sports anchors when someone in the crowd calls out, "Next!"


When Hofstetter asks him what he meant, the dude claims he had just been asking for his next beer. But Hofstetter doesn't let it go.


No, the heckler insists. He actually "loves" women.

It's only when Hofstetter tells him to "get the fuck out of the show" that the heckler apologizes — but he doesn't leave. So Hofstetter keeps pressing him, and finds out that the man is there with his daughters.


Then Hofstetter tells the crowd that, well, he cares about women's rights because he has a "genetic history" of women in his family. That's right, his mother was one, his grandmother was one. Makes sense.

Watch the whole epic takedown here:

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