Stephen Colbert to NRA-Loving Senators: "My Dog Accomplished More Than You This Week"

Stephen Colbert was infuriated by the United States Senate's failure to pass any of the four proposed gun safety bills this week — and now he's having at it.

On Tuesday night's episode of the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the comedian decidedly went for the legislature's collective jugular, schoolyard style. 

"Hey, Senate," he started. "My dog accomplished more than you this week when it rolled over and licked its nuts."


And then: "Hey, Senate, I've seen bugs trapped in amber move faster than you!" 

And then: "You guys think a terrorist watch list is when you put Homeland on your Netflix queue." 

And then: "You might as well ask the gun lobby to check for a hernia as long as they've got your balls in their hands." 

And finally: "Senate, you couldn't pass a bill if it was coated in Ex-Lax. But if you ever did pass a bill it would say,  'Be it resolved, no kissing and the NRA should just leave the money on the dresser.'"

The jokes. They burn!

Check out the rest of Colbert's Senate beatdown below:

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