Task Rabbi Is Like Task Rabbit, but With Rabbis Who Pray for Your Chores to Get Done


If you're a believer and want to get some busywork off your plate, it might be time to try Task Rabbi. Yes, you read that right. Not Task RabbitTask Rabbi

Inspired by the startup that lets you pay people to do anything from shopping to cleaning to putting together a desk, Task Rabbi allows customers to ask its team of rabbis to pray for them. "Rather than pay a stranger to come to your home, a Task Rabbi remotely prays for the completion of an array of tasks free of charge — from unclogging your drain to unclogging your mind of hedonistic thoughts," the Task Rabbi team said in an email. 

Task Rabbi

So, naturally, I asked the Task Rabbis to pray for me. Specifically, I asked them to pray for this story to go viral. We'll see if it works.

"Our goal is to recruit both rabbis and customers, spread positive vibes and more mitzvahs throughout the world. Hopefully, by chance, stuff will actually get done, too," the team said in an email. 

Do you have to be Jewish to take advantage of Task Rabbi? Don't worry, goyim are invited too. "Our services are open to all," the website says. "Whether or not you're Chosen, choose Task Rabbi!" (With one caveat: The rabbis are not available for work on shabbat.)

The team is based in New York, but the rabbis can pray remotely from anywhere. The site is currently recruiting both rabbis and customers from all over the country.

Note that the rabbis depicted on the site aren't real — they're sample rabbis, the team said. So if you were hoping to reach the young rabbi in an improv troupe called the Hahasids, you're out of luck. 

And of course, there's no way to know anyone's actually praying for you. You just have to believe.

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