Guys Are Less Likely to Use Condoms With Super-Hot Women


"Condom? What's a condom? I do not know. Let's bang!"

Welcome to the mind of the average straight man every time he gets into bed with a very attractive woman. 

According to a new study in the medical journal BMJ Open, men's intentions regarding condom usage are linked to the perceived attractiveness of the women they sleep with. Basically, that means that the hotter the woman, the less likely the man will be to wrap it up.

Ah, to be so horny and hypnotized by the vag that you throw caution to the wind and pretend sexually transmitted infections just don't exist!

Researchers in the U.K. reached this conclusion after surveying a total of 51 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 69. The men were shown pictures of women's faces and then asked a) whether or not they'd hit it, and b) whether or not they'd wear a condom during sex. 

"The more attractive a woman was judged to be on average, the more likely participants would be willing to have sex with her," the researchers wrote. "And the less likely they were to intend to use a condom during sex."

The authors did note that this study was limited in that "reported condom use intentions may or may not reflect actual condom use behavior. It's also worth noting that with only 51 (exclusively heterosexual) male subjects, the study's sample size was extremely small. 

"The relatively small sample is enough to highlight a trend and shed some light on this area," co-author Anastasia Eleftheriou said in an email. "However, a bigger sample would definitely strengthen the findings."

The study's shortcomings aside, it's not very surprising that people might be more inclined to put their health in jeopardy to have sex with an attractive woman. Past studies have also found that perceived hotness can influence not only condom use, but also compensation in the workplace (lol) and general perceptions of trustworthiness

Eleftheriou added in her email that "sex education interventions could be more beneficial if they target these biases," which, yes. We need to start teaching young people that it's not only ugly people with whom you should wear protection. It's everyone! Because listen, kids: Bacteria and viruses DGAF about how hot someone is. 

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