Gina Rodriguez Doesn't Feel a Need to Define Her Sexuality for Anyone, Including You

Gina Rodriguez has a robust social media presence. Not only did she start #MovementMondays to highlight the work of Latino actors, she also answers fans questions under the hashtag #AskGina.

During an #AskGina session on Tuesday, Rodriguez fielded a question from one Twitter user about her sexuality

Rodriguez said she doesn't see the need to label her sexual orientation.

"I don't need anyone to define their sexuality to me nor do I feel the need to either," Rodriguez wrote on Twitter. "I love hearts. Period." 

If Rodriguez is looking for a label, panromantic might be what she's after. The term describes someone whose romantic attractions are not limited on the basis of sex or gender. 


Turns out Gina Rodriguez is adept at more than just winning awards — she can also drop a good mic.