Make Your Own Galaxy Donuts — It's Way Easier Than You'd Think


Galaxy donuts may look out of this world, but the process of making them is pretty down-to-earth.

You might recognize these colorful pastries from your social media feeds, as they've been popping up like very frequent shooting stars lately. 

The most beautiful thing about them? You won't need to visit a hipster donut shop or consult a pastry chef to bring them to life in your own kitchen. 

How to Make Galaxy Donuts

Adapted from Ginger Vegan

Time: 5 minutes


• Plain donuts


Step 1: Mix the melted coconut oil with the soy milk, then gradually add in the confectioners sugar. The great thing about this recipe is that you can make adjustments based on its appearance: If your icing mixture is too watery, add more sugar. If it's too thick, add more milk.

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Step 2: Pour the mixture on a platter or plate that's roughly eight inches in diameter and has a raised edge that will prevent the icing from dripping off the side. You want to be able to place a donut on the plate, so make sure the plate is big enough to accommodate your donuts. 

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Step 3: Dash a few drops of food coloring on the mixture. Red and blue look out-of-this-world good when they mix to create purple, but you can also use yellow or green if you want a more Earthy, swamp-monster look. You can mix several colors for an extraterrestrial effect. 

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Step 4: Use a thin straw (a coffee stirrer or drink mixer works well) to drag the colors across the icing, creating a marbled pattern. 

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Step 5: Once the colors are swirled to your liking, carefully dip the donut into the plate so that the icing covers the top. Slowly roll the donut upright and marvel at the iced masterpiece. Plate your donut and repeat this process. You may want to swirl the icing mixture between donut dips for a variety of galactic designs.

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Step 6: Dust it. Channel your inner Tinker Bell and sprinkle the donuts with the edible glitter dust right away before the glaze has time to harden. The galaxy is your shining, shimmering oyster. Allow glaze to dry completely before storing donuts in an airtight container. 

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