This Image of Tammy Duckworth at Democrats' Sit-In Shows How Much We Need to #DisarmHate


Congressional Democrats are now entering day two of a sit-in to demand a vote on gun control reform. 

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, the first female veteran with disabilities to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, left her wheelchair to join other Democrats on the floor of Congress

Duckworth lost her legs as an army helicopter pilot in Iraq and now represents Illinois in Congress.

In her hands, Duckworth holds a sign that says #NoBillNoBreak and #NoFlyNoBuy. 

#NoBillNoBreak explains that the sit-in will continue until Congressional Republicans agree to vote on a bill for gun reform. #NoFlyNoBuy nods to one of the measures proposed — that people on the no-fly list be barred from buying weapons

Duckworth has even used her own Twitter account to show her nearly 17,000 followers what the act of civil disobedience looks like from her vantage point. 

The cameras that record Congress during their proceedings were shut off, which has forced many in Congress to use social media to update the public. 

Even C-Span used Periscope and Facebook to broadcast the proceedings. 

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