This Is What It'd Sound Like If Meat Eaters Talked Like Vegans


Talking about food is worse that talking about politics when you're in certain company. 

Vegans, vegetarians, Paleo dieters and anyone following a specific or niche diet can sometimes toe the line between informing friends about their lifestyle choices and professionally preaching. 

While some with restrictive diets don't care to remind other diners about the moral or caloric implications of a hamburger, others feel moved to offer up unsolicited (and unappetizing) info.  

What's kosher to chat about at the dinner table and what's off-limits? Not everyone agrees on proper dinner conversation etiquette. 


In a satirical Facebook video, emotional healing coach JP Sears serves up some laughs when pretending to be a meat eater living in a vegan-friendly world. Wearing a bandana and a flower in his hair, Sears pretends to judge vegetables in a variety of situations where a vocal vegan might condone meat. 

"That salad is totally grossing me out," he tells a woman seated next to him in one scene. "I have completely lost my appetite." 

In another shot, Sears sits down at a vegan restaurant and tries for a carnivorous order. 

"Yeah, I want the tofu spring rolls, except I don't eat tofu so do you have like a tofu-flavored chicken you can substitute in for me?" he asks a waiter. The full three-minute video is worth a watch. 

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