Colorblind Brothers Break Down After Seeing True Color for the First Time

The tech world is going apeshit over the fate of beloved headphone jack in the next iPhone — but these brothers have a more world-rocking reason to be blown away by tech. 

It let them see true color for the first time. 


A YouTube video shows two colorblind brothers seeing true color for the first time thanks to EnChroma glasses. 

EnChroma glasses are specialty eyewear that "alleviates red-green color blindness, enhancing colors without the compromise of color accuracy." The eyewear is not a cure for color blindness, but it's effective about 80% of the time, EnChroma writes on its website.

"It's so bright," one of the young men says as he cries and holds his brother. 


It's a beautiful moment.

And it's a humbling reminder that technology can play a more meaningful part in our lives than giving you a faster way to stream Netflix. 

Melt your cold heart and watch the whole video below:

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