Is Calvin Harris Over Taylor Swift or What?


Ever since Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift split up earlier this month, Harris has been exhibiting some very confusing post-breakup behavior.

One day he's tweeting about how he still has "love and respect" for Taylor, and the next day he's destroying her on social media and shadily gallivanting about town in a pair of Kanye West sneakers. What's happening here?

While it's common for dudes to exhibit erratic behavior in the aftermath of a breakup, things seem to be just a liiiiiittle bit next-level in Calvin's case. This week alone, he re-followed Swift on Instagram — a mere week after unfollowing her in the first place! — and then allegedly left some aggrieved AF comments about their relationship on the app.

What's going on with you, Calvin Harris? Are you over the breakup? Or are you under it?

Let's explore!

EXHIBIT A: Calvin Harris tweets he has nothing but "love and respect" for Taylor Swift. 

At first, Harris seemed to be doing just fine. Just a day after the news of their split broke on June 1, he tweeted that "the only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect." How mature!

Swift then retweeted Harris' tweet, indicating that everything was just fine between the two. 


EXHIBIT B: Harris tweets "Oh boy it's about to go down," just before news of Swift's relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston breaks. 

Unfortunately, Harris' "love and respect" phase lasted until about June 15, when the Sun published photos of Swift and British actor Tom Hiddleston making out on a seaside rock. 

Just as the news of Hiddleswift broke, Harris tweeted (then quickly deleted) "Oh boy it's about to go down," with three skull emojis. Drama. 


EXHIBIT C: Harris deletes the aforementioned "love and respect" tweet.

After the Hiddleswift photos were published, Calvin deleted his "love and respect" tweet, indicating that the love and respect he once had for Taylor had swiftly vanished. Where did it go? Perhaps it was washed away by the chilly Rhode Island waters.


EXHIBIT D: Harris and Swift delete basically their entire relationship from Instagram.

Harris then conducted a full sweep of his Instagram account, deleting every photo of Swift and promptly unfollowing her. Swift deleted all evidence of their relationship from her Instagram as well, with the exception of a photograph of the couple building a snowman. 


EXHIBIT E: Harris tells a TMZ reporter that Swift is just "doin' her thing, dude."


On June 16, just a day after Harris and Swift did a full sweep of their Instagram accounts, Harris told a TMZ reporter that everything was "all good," and Swift was "just doin' her thing, dude." He was even smiling.

Sounds pretty healthy and well-adjusted!


EXHIBIT F: Harris wears Yeezys. 

That goodwill apparently didn't last long, however, as earlier this week, Calvin was spotted wearing a pair of Yeezys. Yeezys! The sneaker of Kanye West, otherwise known as Taylor Swift's ultimate nemesis.

Was this an act of disgruntled post-breakup shade-throwing? Yes.


EXHIBIT G: "Ha ha!"

Mic/Daily Mail

As Harris strolled to the gym in his Yeezys, a Daily Mail reporter asked him if he would "ever consider taking Taylor back." With his back turned to the camera, he responded with nothing more than a hearty laugh and a clearing of his throat. 

"Ha ha," is all he had to say about that.

This response is confusing. Is he LOL-ing because he truly DGAF about her? Or is it all a charade to cover up his anger and/or tears? Calvin Harris is truly an enigma. 


EXHIBIT H: Harris appears in an Instagram photo wearing a blue Speedo and grabbing his own nipples. 

This photo randomly popped up on Harris' friend's Instagram earlier this week, and it features not one or two or three but four men in speedos. 

What is even going on here? We're not sure, but we're pretty sure this is unhinged post-breakup behavior. 


EXHIBIT I: Harris posts a slew of shirtless Snaps. 

On Wednesday, Harris' Snapchat story featured a shirtless pic of himself sunbathing and a video in which he could be heard yelling about how it was "leg day!" at the gym.

"I'm fine!" seems to be the subtext here. "Look at how hot I am!"


EXHIBIT J: Harris re-follows Swift on Instagram. 

As of Thursday, Harris has re-followed Swift on Instagram.

Is this a hate-follow? An "I'm sorry and I want you back" follow? Or is this re-follow a sign that he has now worked through the full spectrum of post-breakup emotions and is now cool enough with the whole thing to be like, "You know what? I'm ready to start following her again as a friend"?


EXHIBIT K: Harris may or may not have left incendiary comments about Swift on his own Instagram. 

This is juicy, but could be fake. Harris allegedly did a Q&A with Instagram fans on Thursday, in which he accused Swift of "controll[ing] the media and this situation" and proclaimed that he is "not jealous" of Hiddleston, but instead feels "FREE." However, sources have claimed to Entertainment Tonight and People that the comments are fake and Calvin did not make them.


So in conclusion:

Evidence that suggests that Calvin Harris is over Taylor Swift: 2

Evidence that suggests that Calvin Harris is not over Taylor Swift: 6

Evidence that is just confusing and/or unconfirmed: 3

And so we must ask again: What's going on with you, Calvin Harris? Are you OK? Do you need to talk? Let us know. We're here for you. 

Correction: June 24, 2016 

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